Indian Institute of Foreign Trade



Following wireless networks will be available:


  • IIFTFaculty
  • IIFTStaff
  • IIFTStudents
  • IIFTGuest

Appropriate users are requested to select their wireless network.

Once clicked the system will ask you to provide Security key: (This needs to be provided once)

  • faculty@iift             for faculty
  • students@iift         for students
  • staff@iift                for staff
  • iiftdelhi                  for guest

Open the explorer, on tools menu click on internet option, select privacy tab, click settings under pop-up blocker, add the address in the address of website to allow, click on add button, click close, click ok. (This is required to be done once as long as explorer is not reinstalled.)

Try to browse any website.

The page will be redirected to an authentication page. Provide your login id as your user-id of NETMAIL and PASSWORD as passwd@1234 and click on submit button (Password can be changed at http://dc.iift.local). Immediately a small pop-up window will appear with Web Authentication Login Successful!. Please do not close this pop-up window as this will allow you to logout from WiFi once you are through with your internet work. In case the pop-up window is not available due to any reason the same can be accessed at

All the best.